Ok everyone, some news for you. So my dad now pays me for doing writing assignments for him, which has been great, because I was able to buy Nevermore, the final Maximum Ride book. The only downside to this has been... well, I got a little too busy working for him, so now I'm hoping to get some stuff done today. Which brings me to update news.
Dragon Tide Chronicles will be updating soon, at least hopefully that is the case. Hymn Of The Hurricane officially began the finale of the book, we may have only 15 or more chapters left. In addition, work is begining on the editing of Dragon Tide Chronicles, Dawn Rising. Chapters will slowly begin to be edited, to become longer, and have more content than before. For those of you who are not aware of this yet, there is some concept art available at my devaintart account, http://axisofdestruction.deviantart.com/


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