I hate it when I see Vampire/Werewolf novels. Seriously, if it's not one Bella disquised as say a blond, it's another. When you go for the same old material ever time, it. Gets. Old. Fast.

Just because Twilight did it, doesn't mean you should. I have read excellent stories that are Vampire/Werewolf novels. However, those are really freaking hard to find. And trust me, it's NOT just the bloodsucker genre that tweaks my 'beard'.

My novel, Dragon Tide Chronicles, I would live to believe provides an example of standing out. It's not every day you will see a fairy with a gun, and that isn't as small as a forest mushroom. Since the early 2000s, me and my freind/co-author have been working hard on the book. We have many books to come, and we have tried to think outside the box. I think we have succeeded where many a writer would have failed.

I guess my point is, make your charecters shine. Make me love them or hate them, make me feel their emotions. Grasp me with the depth of your story, and don't try to mimic a popular success story.

Make it yourself.

I will admit I do have my own novel, Illumi, which IS a Werewolf and Vampire novel, but I am trying to incorperate unique situations within the story to make it... well, more unique.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and if you're a fellow writer, I hope you take it into consideration what it is I have said.

And just one thing,

Apples. ~DracoWyrm

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