I have decided to begin work on writing the storyline of a Manga I'd like to do.

But, to be honest, The drawing you see is from me. The problem is that Action poses, are very difficult for me to do, and my style still needs work.

With this in mind, I thought I would show you all what my various attempts to produce a said comic looks like. *WARNING* terrible digital art drawings incoming!

Doragon Konpaku Prolouge part 1
Has the point been made?
I hope it has. I'm looking for someone with more professional experince to take over the Doragon Konpaku comic project. Again, I must stress I kinda suck with action poses with charecters, and my digital drawings aren't as good as my handdrawn.

If you are interested in working with me on the Doragon Konpaku project in any manner, feel free to contact me via the Contact section of the website.

The story will be hosted on Booksie and Wattpad, as well as DeviantArt, and on the Manga section of the Website, as a read only document. The document will require Word to read.

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