Warning: for those of you who have short attention spans... this 'article' is not for you.

For those of you who have read all the way through DTC and are caught up and up to date,  you may or may not know who Summer, a supporting charecter in the series, is.
If you do, then let's begin. If not, I suggest a re-read of the  book. Summer is a half-fairy, and currently is in love with a vampire named Orph. But there has been a bit of issues that came with her.

First off... her... ORIGINAL name. The co-author of DTC, Erin Johnson, first called her Bella. I'm pretty sure you can see why this eventually became a problem. Before I read the Twilight series, I had no issue with it. As soon as I did, perhaps the most heated arguement of all time burst forth into being. This arguement lasted for a number of years in fact.  My concern was people would go:

"Bella?! You copied off Twilight, copycat!!!" Or worse, a possible copyright strike. Last thing I wanted.

Erin didn't seem to agree on this front. She told me that she had talked with an author *No I don't know who*  about the subject, and she said names wasn't that big of a deal in terms of copyright. Still, I was not comfortable with the name Bella, and the fight continued.

We finally ended the arguement, and she was given a new name. That name, is of course Summer. However, there remained traces of this issue even after. She would occasionally slip and say 'Bella'. I would remind her about the new name and it passed as quickly as it came.

Summer is just one of the various sources of arguements we've had. There's still plenty we've bickered about.

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