Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising will be my first novel ever made, and I plan to monetize the entire series as well. This means ALL Dragon Tide series and Books will be going for monetization, starting as an E-Book.

Now, Booksie and Wattpad offered a freedom to show my fans what I'm doing so
that I can recieve feedback. Unfortuantly, as a book to be Published, (hopefully
in stores and such,) I won't be able to post future DTC and DT series on them
anymore, they'd never bother to pay money that way. The most I could do is make
Demo versions on those websites.

However, I
care far too much about Fan Feedback. I would like to make a Pro account on
Weebly, so that I may hide certain pages with Password Protect/Membership. As a
member on the website, you would be able to view the books UNTILL the book
reaches it's finale.

If I could, I would also
make 'Pro' accounts, which would allow only certain people who are willing to
pay the money for it, which would allow them to see the Finale section of the

This would be my best option to keep fan
feedback, while maintaining secrecy.

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