I have some hopeful news for you all. I have been thinking about the EX0L8 storyline for a while, and I think it will make quite a lot of books, for you guessed it, the official launch of the EX0L8 series. I do not know how long it will run, but I will affirm that it is no longer a single book, instead many possible books, and there are plenty of ideas to go along with it.

It is still early in the first book, but I hope you will enjoy the ride. I am sorry that I haven't uploaded that new chapter as I said I would, I just lost interest every time I was about to start. I will be working in 70 page spiral notebooks, the book is handwritten. Most likely, the EX0L8 series is to be a short story/ novella type deal, depends on how many pages there are.
The point of making shorter novels is cheifly something to keep me going in between the larger novel series being planned, such as the Dragon Tide Chronicles series, which is a pain to edit and rediculously slow. I hope that EX0L8 will offer much better luck in the future, and the completion of it's first book to come soon.

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