Well, since it does not appear to be apocolypse day, how are you? Good? Good. Mayans were wrong, in fact, the truth is that they never predicted anything. If they did, it might've been the start of a new age or era. Or simply that they ran out of room, as the joke says. For a while, I was worried, but today I joked about it here and there, and wasn't taking it seriously. What would be would be.

Ok, back to actual news. Wyrm News will be in sort of segments. Wyrm News is to also be a weekly update thing. I plan to have a video version as well as this standard text version.

Additionally, I would like to ask if anyone would be interested in a 'Ask
DracoWyrm' series. Basically, you leave me feedback, either on the comments or the Contact section, your choice really, and I will respond to it. Stuff I would like to talk about would be stuff about books, book plots or events in them, stuff like that. Any other questions are fine, as long as it avoids getting too personal.

In other news, my Holiday plans. I will be editing DTC a little bit, but once the holiday travels start up (in a few days) I will not be at the computer, so no potential updates. I will probably work extensively on EX0L8 while I'm gone, so you may have plenty of updates on my return. I care a lot about my family, so writing won't be a huge priority once the Christmas season kicks off.

In regards to you DTC updates, all I can say is I have thought of a brilliant way to start of DTC 2 with a epic prolouge. I can't tell you what it entails directly, but I will say that it has something to do with the issues that the Gems and Chromatics are dealing with.

Thanks for your time today, and have a wonderful day!


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