Well, hello there. First off, I would like to say... 13,375 reads on Wattpad and Booksie combined! Awesome! Now, if only I could finish editing...
:( Editing is a freaking slow process. But mandatory.

Please note that this 'update' will be a long one, as I am feeling very very chatty right now.
Next on my list of things to update is a mention of DTC: Book 2: Dialadect Resurgence.
This is in fact the next book in the DT Chronicles series, and I look forward to starting on it eventually. There is a terribly great amount of editing to do before I work on this one, but I think I should upload a breif but hopefully informative Coming Soon thingy on my Booksie and Wattpad accounts.

For those of you wondering or interested in the DTC comics I was doing earlyer, I just haven't had any motivation what so ever to do continue. But please, if you feel like it, please tell me if I SHOULD continue or not.
Now for some new story stuff. I have this story you see, it's called Doragon Konpaku. Only problem is, I don't want to make it a book. I want to make it a manga. However, if you've seen my comics, it wouldn't be much of a success story. So, if ANYONE who reads this does manga stuff, and is interested in working on it, please let me know, I'd be really happy to talk about possibilities. You can always reach me via the Contact form.

I will be posting the story to the website soon, and I would hope to see some enthusiasum with this idea eventually.

Because I am out of books to read AGAIN, I am really desperate for some new books online to read. If you have a freind or something like that who likes to write and is looking for an avid reader and crtitic, I would be more than happy to read it. Please, just understand one critical thing: I do not read erotic, gay/lesbian, and I am very reluctant to read Romance. I am mainly interested in Action, Mystery, Adventure, Fantasy, and Sci Fi.

That's all for this rather long update, and I will see you all soon, hopefully.

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