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So I've been working on several different pictures this past few weeks, and I'm going to show you some of the more recent ones I've done.
I just found EX0L8!!! This is so freaking great! ...It was on the dining room table this whole time...

In other news, the Dragon Tide Chronicles comic has updated a few times, go check it out! We are now on the 0-7 page! Click here to see it!

   Dragon Tide is still going slow, perhaps later I will actually get something done.

And yes, EX0L8 is now back in buisness, expect a new chapter very soon!

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Well, hello there. First off, I would like to say... 13,375 reads on Wattpad and Booksie combined! Awesome! Now, if only I could finish editing...
:( Editing is a freaking slow process. But mandatory.

Please note that this 'update' will be a long one, as I am feeling very very chatty right now.

DTC Manga Page 0-3 out today! Here