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I have to say this before some people start to ask me about it, but EX0L8 will be on hold for a while. I'm sorry, but very unfortunatly, I can't find it anywhere. Unlike most of my novels, it is a handwritten one, and now I have to try and find it. I'm so sorry this has happened, but I will try to find it as soon as possible.
I hope you are all having a wonderful day, I just got home back in my warm house. Merry Christmas!
This is only a preview, but you can view it here!
Yesterday I came up with an awesome prolouge / intro to the second book of the series, I will update on this soon. But for now, the 1st book's progress is still crawling.
Well, since it does not appear to be apocolypse day, how are you? Good? Good. Mayans were wrong, in fact, the truth is that they never predicted anything. If they did, it might've been the start of a new age or era. Or simply that they ran out of room, as the joke says. For a while, I was worried, but today I joked about it here and there, and wasn't taking it seriously. What would be would be.

Ok, back to actual news. Wyrm News will be in sort of segments. Wyrm News is to also be a weekly update thing. I plan to have a video version as well as this standard text version.

That time of week when EX0L8 comes around the corner is today! A new chapter is ready to go, and an additional chapter will soon be ready! Have a great day
Having given my final thanks and dedication for the book, I will not update the book any farther. I will continue to edit, but I will keep the book up, untill I can create a demo version.

The demo will most likely be from the prolouge to the end of Act 1.

While I respect the loss of life after the shootings that occured on friday, here's something to keep in mind. I borrowed this from a freind.

Did you know.....
• A 1997 high school shooting in Pearl, Miss., was
halted by the school's vice principal after he retrieved the Colt .45 he kept in
his truck.
• A 1998 middle school shooting ended when a man living next door
heard gunfire and apprehended the shooter with his shotgun.
  • A 2002 terrorist attack at an Israeli school
was quickly stopped by an armed teacher and a school guard.
• A 2002 law
school shooting in Grundy, Va., came to an abrupt conclusion when students
carrying firearms confronted the shooter.
• A 2007 mall shooting in Ogden,
Utah, ended when an armed off-duty police officer intervened.
• A 2009
workplace shooting in Houston, Texas, was halted by two coworkers who carried
concealed handguns.
• A 2012 church shooting in Aurora, Colo., was stopped
by a member of the congregation carrying a gun.
• At the recent mall
shooting in Portland, Ore., the gunman took his own life minutes after being
confronted by a shopper carrying a concealed weapon.

2500 times last
year alone, legal gun owners stopped violent crime when confronted with it long
before any police assistance ...

Protect gunowner ship fellows, it'll save more lives than it will ever take.