This just gets better by the day, this is awesome! :D Thanks for all the reads!

    Who are your favorite charecters?

Only a few days ago, I posted the first part of the final battle of book one. I hope you all will take the time to check it out at my account.

Thanks for all of the support, I appriciate it. If you are interested, I have concept art of charecters and cover art designs on my DeviantArt account. Please view the Contact section, and look for 'Other Sites'. From my estimates, there is perhaps only three more chapters left to go before the book is complete, after which, I will begin editing the book in earnest, starting with chapter 1 - Act 3.

EX0L8's next chapter will be out soon! Hopefully you'll enjoy it just as much as the previous chapters! Not as much EX0L8 action, but we introduce another charecter and even more important plot details into the field!
The next DTC chapter is coming fast! I hope to at least finish it today!
The book is very close to being finished, and I am just so eager to finish it and begin the next stage of development on it

(That being making it a published novel)
Chapter 71 of DTC (Dragon Tide Chronicles) has been posted to Booksie and Wattpad.

May I say that it is absolutely awesome that we're almost done? Chapter 70 is out now, at and

Say hi to Xah'mmad for me!
Today marks the begining of fall break, which will last the whole week. Hopefully enough time to pump out some DTC chapters!  I don't usually get this big of an oppertunity, so this is great news for me.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and I'll be back soon from school for my next few updates!
DTC Manga Page 0-3 out today! Here