Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dawn Rising will be my first novel ever made, and I plan to monetize the entire series as well. This means ALL Dragon Tide series and Books will be going for monetization, starting as an E-Book.

If you have sent me a Contact via the Contact Form located in 'Contact', and I have NOT responded to your email, then I strongly recommend resending it. I have not recieved any notifications so far from it.

It could also be that no one ever USES it to begin with, but there's always the chance I might've missed it.

*Sigh* Figuring out new things is always a pleasure.
Dragon Tide Chronicle Stone will have a huge amount of info, such as races, nations, and more related to Dragon Tide. You could consider it like my version of a Monster Manual.

In most likelyhood, it will be only available here and on Wattpad.
Currently, the written version has not been worked on in any major detail. I also still lack enough charecter and concept designs to get started with a full Manga project.

Probably this afternoon, I will start writing it, and eventually post it under a page, 'Doragon Konpaku'.

Dragon Tide also well get a manga, once the edited version is complete.
I am currently working on the next chapter, hope to finish this week.
I am almost done with the next Dragon Tide Chronicles chapter!
Another choice renovation to the site, hopefully it is a bit better then before.

Combines Home with the About Section.
All of the available book pages are now fully updated, with new summaries, and buttons with links.

All that is required now is the editing of the Anime/Manga sections, and planning new features for the Home Section.
A brand new version of EX0L8 is out now, and it's better then ever!