With Act 4 underway, I'd just like to thank all of my followers for the incredible support I've received. I'm going to continue renovation to the website and hopefully make it look more pretty.
I am pleased to announce I am resuming work on EXOL8 and Illumi. In addition, I am accepting requests for 'DracoWyrm's Cut'. It is basically a youtube thing I may do, where I select or choose a nomination to review, either a author or a book. You are allowed to nominate yourself, what the video would cover is my opinions, and in depth feedback, a rating of 1-10. Basically it would be my way of showing my a
I am redoing parts of the website, particularly the Books. Hope you like the changes.
Alas, dear followers, Dragon Tide Chronicles Dawn Rising is reaching it's end, but it's not a true ending, but a begining. I look forward to writing the finale very soon. For those of you who want to know what I think of when I think of the final act and the battle with Ramok, I'm listening to a certain piece of music, that might inform you of what I think of when I think of Act 4.