I will be working on a new book: Legend of Oxorin: Hammerlight.

A rerun of the previous version, Vifur.

I don't have any cover art for it yet. :(

OH, also, Dialadect Resurgence is returning soon!
As of today I am working on the final chapter of EX0L8 The Experiment. The 30th chapter of the novel, it will be about 10 pages long (hopefully).

The remaining six pages will be the epiolouge.

And in additional news, this will also restart Dialadect Resurgence, which I know a majority of my fanbase is interested in seeing come back.

I will be formating and editing EX0L8 for an e-book launch when I finish writing chapter 30 and the epiolouge.

This will be my second finished novel ever.




It's been a while, but I am still working, and some actual news:

EX0L8 is almost complete, which is awesome. It won't take more than a few more weeks at best to finish.

After that, there's editing. I think I'll try for a e-book and see what happens

Check the latest chapter out here!