I have three whole chapters ready for viewing pleasure, now to get posting!
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That's right, the sequel is now online, and ready for you to read! Like Dawn Rising, it will be updated as I write the story, so please stay tuned, because there will be more coming!
The official launch of the second Dragon Tide Chronicles Book, Dialadect Resurgence is now January 23, 2013.
Coming to Booksie and Wattpad, January 23!
Editing on Book 1 is still on going, but I am ready to get started, to be honest. Catch you on the 23rd with Chapter 1!
I'll be frank. I can't stand waiting any longer.
In other words, expect work on Dialadect Resurgence to begin VERY soon!
January 18th will be considered the official Anniversary date. On this date, I will create a picture to commemorate the story getting another year older. It can be speculated that it started in 2007, so that would make the series at least six years old.
Dragon Tide 2007-2013
Here Alexander has a nice quiet moment with Wintress. If you are new to the story, well, I won't say why or who she really is. But they are very close, I'll tell you that.
So I've been working on several different pictures this past few weeks, and I'm going to show you some of the more recent ones I've done.




I've got another awesome EX0L8 ready to go for posting! Also, I might get another one done today as well, so stay tuned for that. Sorry I've not been as active lately.
Check out the latest edition of EX0L8!
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I have some hopeful news for you all. I have been thinking about the EX0L8 storyline for a while, and I think it will make quite a lot of books, for you guessed it, the official launch of the EX0L8 series. I do not know how long it will run, but I will affirm that it is no longer a single book, instead many possible books, and there are plenty of ideas to go along with it.

It is still early in the first book, but I hope you will enjoy the ride. I am sorry that I haven't uploaded that new chapter as I said I would, I just lost interest every time I was about to start. I will be working in 70 page spiral notebooks, the book is handwritten. Most likely, the EX0L8 series is to be a short story/ novella type deal, depends on how many pages there are.